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Telefunken AR-70 Stereo


Telefunken AR-70 tube condenser microphones feature a matched pair of 1" dual sided capsules.

The R-F-T AR-70 is an advanced stereo version of Telefunken's popular AR-51 tube condenser microphone. It features a matched pair of 1" dual sided capsules (the same capsules found in the AR-51), a New Old Stock ECC81 vacuum tube (the same tube found in the AR-51), and a matched pair of European made custom wound T14/1 output transformers (the same transformers found in ELA M 250/251 and AR-51 microphones) all in a single, easy to setup system.


The AR-70 includes one fixed cardioid capsule on the bottom, and on top, a capsule wired for remote multi polar pattern capabilities. This allows the mic to perform multiple stereo recording techniques, as well as a standard single channel monophonic recording. In stereo mode the AR-70 can be set up in standard X/Y configuration, with each capsule orientated 90 degrees away from each other, resulting in a perfectly co-incidental pair.


With the option of the multi-pattern functionality of the top capsule, the mic can also be used in Mid-Side (M/S) technique, where the lower capsule is fixed in cardioid, and the upper capsule is rotated 90 degrees and set to the Figure 8 pick-up pattern.


One of the most unique ways to use the R-F-T AR-70 is in "dual mono" mode, which can lead to all kinds of interesting textures for vocals. By running the outputs into two different microphone pre-amplifiers, the user can now have one capsule set up to sound its best on quiet passages in a vocal and the other for louder passages.


If the user runs about 10db more gain on the microphone pre-amplifier for the capsule that is set up to record quiet passages, then both outputs can be recorded separately and blended later; or a compression device can be used on the pre-amplifier that is set up for the quieter passages which will net about 12-15db of gain reduction as the singer gets louder. These two outputs can be summed and the resulting signal will maintain a relatively constant level while being automatically combined for optimal capture the performance.


Each R-F-T AR-70 microphone is supplied with a flight case, custom 7pin cable, wooden mic box, Power Supply with remote polar pattern selector, and when registered, a 4-Year fully transferable Limited Warranty.



TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is proud to announce the inclusion of the new TK51D capsule in the AR-51 and AR-70 STEREO microphone systems. This new dual-membrane edge-terminated CK12-like capsule offers a larger surface area than the original TK67 capsule, resulting in a frequency response with an extended low end and a smoother, open high end. The new TK51D capsule brings the AR-51 and AR-70 sonically closer to the classic edge-terminated capsule based ELA M 251E, C12 and C24 microphones.


Starting October 2012, all newly manufactured AR-51 (serial # 760 and above) and AR-70 Stereo (serial # 026 and above) microphones will ship from the lab with the new TK51D capsule. Owners of original AR-51 and AR-70 Stereo microphones interested in the new capsule design are eligible to swap out the original TK67D for the alternative TK51D for $199 plus return shipping. This price includes the cost of the new capsule and mounting hardware, as well as the labor to install, retest, tune and calibrate the microphone for optimal performance.


If you have any questions or concerns about the capsule in your microphone, please feel free to reach us directly via email at



For more info, visit the Telefunken website: TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik

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Telefunken AR-70 Stereo

Telefunken AR-70 Stereo

Telefunken AR-70 tube condenser microphones feature a matched pair of 1" dual sided capsules.

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