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Smaart v.7 Di


Smaart v.7 Di (Dual-Channel Interface) is a simplified and streamlined two channel version of the standard Smaart v.7 analysis software.

Replaced by Smaart Di V2

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v.7 Di’s fixed, two channel architecture provides a nimble, quickly adaptable measurement environment, with all critical configuration and control parameters accessible from a single intuitive UI (user interface); perfect for quick and precise measurements without the demands of the standard version’s multi-measurement, multi-mode complexity.

As you would expect, Smaart v.7 Di’s Spectrum and Transfer Function engines have all the same power and capabilities as those in the standard version. However, in the spirit of simplicity, V.7 Di does not include a separate Impulse Response (IR) Mode. Instead, all time domain measurement capabilities in v.7 Di reside in the Live IR display of the TF measurement.

In order to maintain easy portability and interoperability between versions, both versions of Smaart use the same RTA and TF data formats. Moreover, v.7 and v.7 Di share the same control and command structure (view control, zooms, hot-keys, data capture commands, etc.), so moving back and forth between versions does not require learning a whole new control and command paradigm.

As an added bonus, the Smaart I-O’s gain and phantom power controls are integrated directly into the Smaart v.7 Di interface; making a “Smaart v.7 Di + Smaart I-O” combo an excellent package for users who want the most elegant, and streamlined, set-up possible.




• Dual OS Platform Support (MAC / Windows)
• Acquire measurement signals from any multi-channel I/O devices (via WAV/WDM, CoreAudio or ASIO audio drivers)
• Integrated support for Smaart 7 Application Program Interface (SAPI)



•All critical Spectrum and Transfer Function controls visible on the UI simultaneously
•Concise, “single measurement pair” configuration, accessible from top level of the UI
-  Two Live Spectrum engines (one for each input channel)
-  Two channels of broad-band metering (one for each input channel)
-  One Live Transfer Function engine

•Quick Store and Recall measurement pairs; switch between multiple devices, on the fly

•Smaart I/O controls integrated into the interface
•Same control/command structure (view control, zooms, hot-keys, data capture, etc) as v.7
•Same data format for Smaart v.7 and v.7 Di RTA and TF measurement data.
•Average stored RTA and TF data


•Single measurement mode operation: Real-Time Mode only (no IR Mode)

•Two standard, fully-configurable Smaart Spectrum measurement engines

- Variable FFT sizes to 32k
-  octave and fractional oct banding to 1/48th
-  FIFO and Integrating averagers
-  Adjustable dynamic range on plot
-  User definable data plot memory (1000 meas default)


•One standard, fully-configurable Smaart Transfer Function measurement engine
•Frequency Response (Mag, Phase, Coh)
-  MTW  yields better than 48th-oct data res above 60Hz
-  Fractional octave smoothing 1/3rd to 1/48th
-  FIFO and Integrating averagers
-  Magnitude Thresholding
-  Coherence blanking
•LiveIR (Real-Time Mode)
-  Integrated into TF measurement
-  View as Lin, Log, ETC
-  AutoLocate for Measurement Delay
-  Delay Tracking capability
-  FFT Sizes up to 32k (683ms)



•Active FS Level Meters on plot
•Broadband level window capable of displaying (for each input ch)
-  dBFS
-  SPL (Weighted, Averaged)
-  LEQ
-  Logging of all above



•Random Pink Noise
•Psuedo-Random Pink Noise
-  Adjustable TC to 10s
-  Broadband or user-defined band-limited
-  Speech weighted
•Sine wave (user adjustable freq)
•Dual Sine Wave
•Swept Sine wave
•File – play standard wav file (left side only)


For more info, visit the Rational Acoustics website: Smaart v.7 Di


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Smaart v.7 Di

Smaart v.7 Di

Smaart v.7 Di (Dual-Channel Interface) is a simplified and streamlined two channel version of the standard Smaart v.7 analysis software.

Replaced by Smaart Di V2

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