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Sales of condenser instrument microphones for recording and live performance.

Instrument Microphones 

  • Sennheiser e901 boundary layer

    Sennheiser e901 boundary layer microphones are perfect for the kick drum.

  • Sennheiser e914 professional

    Sennheiser e914 professional cardioid condenser microphones with pre-attenuation and bass roll-off switches for acoustic guitar, overheads, orchestras and grand pianos.

  • Sennheiser e614 supercardioid

    Sennheiser e614 supercardioid condenser microphones for drum overheads.

  • Sennheiser e908 microphones feature

    Sennheiser e908 microphones feature an extended dynamic range and balanced frequency response.

  • AKG C430 compact small-diaphragm

    AKG C430 compact small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone designed for overheads or for drum/cymbals.

  • Sennheiser e908T-ew microphones are

    Sennheiser e908T-ew microphones are developed for trumpets, trombones, and flugelhorns.

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