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Sales of line array speakers for touring and live sound venues. Line Array Speaker Systems play an important role in providing high quality audio for medium sized venues that can range from places of worship, gymnasiums, to various sports facilities and other problematic environments.

Line Array Speakers 

  • JBL VT4889ADP full-size powered

    JBL VT4889ADP full-size powered three-way, high directivity line array elements and integrated audio systems.

  • JBL VT4882DP dual 15-inch

    JBL VT4882DP dual 15-inch self-powered subwoofers and integrated audio systems used for concert audio and multi-media presentations of all types.

  • Meyer Sound MILO 120 high-power

    Meyer Sound MILO 120 high-power expanded coverage curvilinear array loudspeakers excel where wide horizontal coverage and increased vertical coverage are needed. DISCONTINUED - PAGE LEFT FOR REFERENCE

  • JBL VT4881ADP 18-inch compact

    JBL VT4881ADP 18-inch compact powered subwoofers are designed to deliver high quality sound reinforcement of VLF musical information.

  • JBL VT4882 Dual 15-inch Subwoofer

    JBL VT4882 Dual 15-inch Subwoofer line array elements, designed to deliver high quality sound reinforcement of sub-low frequencies.

  • Meyer Sound UP-4XP ultracompact

    Meyer Sound UP-4XP ultracompact loudspeakers deliver high sound pressure levels, low distortion, and uniform directional control.

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