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Grace Design and Sweetwave Audio

Sweetwave Audio Inc. is a proud dealer of the entire Grace Design product line. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the first-rate service for the best price. We are not a big box store, so our staff can focus on working directly with each client to fulfill their individual needs.

About Grace Design

In 1990, Michael Grace began building single order custom audio products for a small, devout following of recording engineers and artists. Before long, the word had spread about these custom microphone preamplifier designs, which were said to outperform anything else that was commercially available.

In 1994, Michael partnered with his brother Eben and Grace Design was founded and began production of the model 801 microphone preamplifier. Not only did the model 801 provide a new level of audio performance and functionality, it helped to establish outboard the outboard microphone preamplifier as a new keystone in professional audio production. 

Over the years, Grace Design has maintained a steady, methodical pace to developing new products and technologies. Our product line has evolved into a definitive collection of microphone preamplifiers, monitor controllers, and other unique hardware. We pride ourselves on providing audio professionals and enthusiasts with some of the finest tools imaginable. As our company grows, we continually strive to improve our production methods to make sure they are exact, efficient and environmentally sound. Our employees are treated like family and we strive to maintain our business relationships as friendships. And above all, we remain driven by the original passions that founded the company- the love of music and the art of recording it.


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