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Allen & Heath GL3800


Allen & Heath GL3800 consoles are desigend for mixing FOH, stage monitors, or both. DISCONTINUED

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Premium 8 Bus Dual-function Live Sound Mixer
Combining the proven features of the best-selling GL3300 and the latest features of the GL2800, the GL3800 is destined to become a leading 8-bus console for live or recording work.

Available in frame sizes up to 48 channels, with the choice of all mono, 4 or 8 stereo channels housed in a stylish chassis, and including a meterpod with illuminated VU’s, and front and rear ident strips.

The GL3800 has been updated with more facilities for modern day mixing: it’s truly dual-function with all 10 auxes configurable to fader control with insert point and XLR drive. The GL3800 has internal circuitry to autoswitch a second PSU where a fail-safe operation is desirable, and now with ultra-smooth dual rail K faders, this console will be a favourite of the connoisseur operator.

The GL3800 is the latest edition of the highly-successful GL3000 family, which has proved to be the ultimate mixer package for fixed installations over the last 10 years. It has all the professional features required for day-in, day-out use in theatres, houses of worship and concert halls: high specification, high quality feel and exceptional sound performance, while its rugged construction and individual circuit board design ensure that the GL3800 is built to last a very long time.


• 24, 32, 40, and 48 channel frames 
• A,B,C,D mono/stereo channel options 
• LR and M mix buses 
• 8 Audio groups with pan and routing to LR and M 
• 10 Auxes including a dedicated stereo send 
• 2 full stereo channels each with mic and stereo line inputs 
• 2 extra dual stereos provide 4 summed or independent stereo returns 
• Fully featured 12x4 Matrix 
• Proper dual functionality for FOH/Monitor mixing 
• Recording capable with channel direct outputs 
• M can be used for LR mono sum, engineers wedge, or centre/sub mix 
• Matrix external inputs with level trims and common input capability 
• Stereo channel mic inputs can cross patch into matrix for ambience feed 
• Responsive 4 band, 2 sweep EQ 
• 100Hz channel high pass filters 
• Individual phantom power and polarity switching 
• Integral meterpod with 11 LED-illuminated, moving coil VU meters 
• Wide angle LED channel and master meters 
• Dedicated stereo monitor meters 
• Per channel pre/post fader aux switching for full flexibility 
• Recessed pre/post-EQ aux switching per channel 
• Internal jumper plugs for aux, direct out and other options 
• Mutes on all fader masters 
• 100mm premium grade dual rail faders 
• Assignable talkback to all outputs 
• 1kHz oscillator / pink noise generator with external output 
• 2-track monitoring and replay to LR 
• 3 headphones/earpiece sockets and local monitor outputs 
• Electronically balanced XLR outputs with +26dBu drive capability 
• Preamp 74dB range with +34dBu input capability for mic or line 
• Ultra low noise mix head amp design 
• Uses external linear power supply 
• Built-in combiner for redundant backup supply 
• Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots and switches 
• Individual circuit card assembly with nutted pots 
• Solid copper bus bar grounding 
• Sys-Link V2 console linking option 
• 4-pin lamp sockets

The GL3800 ships with mains leads, dust cover, user guide, A&H stickers



GL3800M-824A 24 Mono 8 Buss 24 Input Live Console

GL3800M-824B 20 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch to right of Master

GL3800M-824C 20 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch Outside Right 

GL3800M-824D 16 Mono + 8 Stereo Ch Outside Right 

GL3800M-832A 32 Mono 8 Buss 32 Input Live Console

GL3800M-832B 28 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch to right of Master

GL3800M-832C 28 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch Outside Right

GL3800M-832D 24 Mono + 8 Stereo Ch Outside Right

GL3800M-840A 40 Mono 8 Buss 40 Input Live Console

GL3800M-840B 36 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch to right of Master

GL3800M-840C 36 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch Outside Right

GL3800M-840D 32 Mono + 8 Stereo Ch Outside Right 

GL3800M-848A 48 Mono 8 Buss 48 Input Live Console

GL3800M-848B 44 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch to right of Master 

GL3800M-848C 44 Mono + 4 Stereo Ch Outside Right 

GL3800M-848D 40 Mono + 8 Stereo Ch Outside Right 


For more info, visit the Allen & Heath website: GL3800

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Allen & Heath GL3800

Allen & Heath GL3800

Allen & Heath GL3800 consoles are desigend for mixing FOH, stage monitors, or both. DISCONTINUED

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